We spent a week in Cornwall, staying in the small village of Portloe. It’s a beautiful and, by London standards, tiny village. The photo below shows the cottage we stayed in. Ours was the one with the orange window frames.

portloe cottage.JPG

From this picture you immediately get an idea of how lush the area is, those greens were consistent throughout the county.

What struck me most is how there are flowers growing everywhere. It seems like the majority of residence are avid gardeners but more than that, the wildflowers grow in every hedge, roadside verge, crevice or patch of ground. These daisies were growing vigorously along the road into Portloe, against someone’s wall.


I was quite taken by these and envious that they have taken up spot here with so little effort. I absolutely want these in my garden. I love that there’s the mix of white and pink flowers.

The day after our arrival, my health conscious fiancée suggested we go on a 15km walk. Sometimes she’ll ask me to do something that’s not consistent with my natural tendencies but when she makes this sort of suggestion she’ll often do so with a smile. It’s this smile that I can’t refuse. And so we set off.

orange poppy

We hadn’t left Portloe, we were still in sight of our cottage, and I had begun taking photos. Look at the orange on the petals of this poppy (this might not be a poppy). It’s a soft but distinct colour, pastel but vibrant. These were just growing from a garden wall, totally nonchalant as though they had picked the spot themselves.

Throughout Cornwall, we noticed that hydrangeas were really popular, I’ll do a post on them later but we were really impressed by this rose bush.


What an impactful display. The flowers are pushing past each other to show every passerby how beautiful they are. They’re not all in the best condition, some have started to go brown but that didn’t detract from the aesthetics.

Insects were everywhere, pollinating and making the most of the summer weather. We came across this bee having the time of his life on a thistle.

bee thistle

He had a face full of pollen and let me get real close to take a photo before flying off for his next hit of the good stuff. Bees seem to really like thistles, so I’m considering getting some in our garden.

I’m going to cover the rest of our trip in subsequent posts but I wanted to include these two love beetles.

beetle love

There were quite a few of these beetles on these white flowers. I remember seeing on an episode of Gardeners’ World that this type of flower is particularly go for insects. I didn’t realise that it made the perfect boudoir for female insects to have some quality time with their chosen male. But I’m all for this sort of thing so will aim to bring these flowers in our garden too.

We visited The Lost Gardens of Heligan and the Eden Project too but I’ll cover that in another blog post. I will say that without doubt, I can recommend Cornwall and Portloe to everyone. There is natural beauty everywhere and spending time in it all is exceedingly relaxing.

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