For a while, there’s been a flower in my garden that I’ve been particularly fond of but knew next to nothing about. I know very little about many of the plants in our garden, but this wasn’t even one I had bought from one of the many garden centres we like to visit. This had […]

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We spent a week in Cornwall, staying in the small village of Portloe. It’s a beautiful and, by London standards, tiny village. The photo below shows the cottage we stayed in. Ours was the one with the orange window frames. From this picture you immediately get an idea of how lush the area is, those […]

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Also known as Butterfly Bush or Summer Lilac, the buddleja is a plucky shrub that I’ll see all along my train route into work, this time of year. The distinctive flowers make it very easy to spot. I think the ones by the rail side are the¬†Buddleja davidii¬†‘Blue Horizon’. I bought the buddleja you see […]

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